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Game On

Game On takes an in-depth look at the incredible evolution of video games over the past 50 years. 


This is the first major international touring exhibition to explore the vibrant history and culture of computer games. a major international exhibition to explore the vibrant history and culture of computer games.  


Focusing on key game developments between 1962 and the present day, Game On takes a global perspective at gaming’s fascinating past and limitless future. From the colossal Mainframes of the early sixties to the latest releases, Game On examines the creative and scientific advances that have revolutionised the games we play.  


Key features to market the exhibition: 


  • The exhibition features more than 150 playable arcade, console, and handheld games 

  • Includes iconic games such as Space Invaders, Sonic the Hedgehog and Rock Band, to virtual reality and Minecraft 

  • Includes the latest developments in video games 

  • Highly interactive, all action, state-of the-art, ground-breaking & popular games 

  • Suitable for all ages 

Adult Admission 16+
£2.50 booking fee per ticket
£2.50 booking fee per ticket
Family Ticket
 (4 People - Max 2 Adults) £2.50 booking fee per ticket
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